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  • What is your turn around or lead time?
    Standard turn around time is 2-3 business days larger jobs may require more time to complete. We also offer a "rush" service. We can complete small jobs while you wait or within 1 business day for an additional fee of $100. Gun ( trust) engraving can be done while you wait for an aditional $30
  • Do you charge by characters?
    We do not charge by characters or lines. Our prices are determined by machine time, which can vary depending on several factors. Our minimum charge for small jobs is $25
  • How large of an object can you engrave?
    There is almost no limit to the size of the part we can engrave or cut. Our machines can be modified to fit nearly an infinialty long piece. For C02 engraving we can engrave up to 38" wide x xx" long x 7" tall. For Fiber or Yag engraving we can engrave up to a 7" square field.
  • Can you etch into metal
    YES!! Unlike most engraving companies out there we have both C02 and Fiber lasers. We can engrave into metal and even cut some thin metals.
  • Can you source materials for my project?
    Yes! We have many plastics and metals instock. If there is something that you are looking for speciaically we can usually find that too.
  • Can you engrave guns
    Yes! We have an FFL ( Federal Fireams License). We can go the minimum depth required or deeper depeding on your criteria for the project
  • Can you Cerkote
    No! We do not offer cerkot coatings. We have a company that we can recommend if you are looking to have that done after the fact.
  • If you engrave into my gun will it go away after coating?
    No! If you tell us before hand that you want to have your gun coated after it gets engraved then we can set the machine to go deeper so the text is clear and viasable.
  • What is black Marking and do you use an addative?
    Black marking all called annealing is when we super heat staineless steel to bring the carbon in the stainless to the surface. This marking is know to be used mostly in the medical industry where the mark has to be permanent and yet not protrude into the actual part. No! 99% of the time we do not use an addtivie to give you a dark contrast mark. Our lasers are not trophy store machines, these are highly advance machined that are built right here in Longwood, FL
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