Since 1995, Focused Light Engraving (FLE) has served the industrial laser market in many diverse ways. From contract engraving services to new system engineering and design, FLE has focused on providing our customers and markets with a unique and innovative approach to laser processing.

All of this is accomplished with creative thought, inspired engineering and our commitment to meet the goals of our customers. Every system designed and sold at FLE is exactly what you need and demand, no standard systems here!

In 2012, FLE has introduced a new service which is sure to catch the attention of the industrial laser market. It is called, Laser System Repurposing. Simply stated, old, used and no longer needed laser systems are repurposed and reconfigured into systems with a new life and a new purpose. Some key transformations include:

  •     Repurposing a cutting system laser into a hi-output marking/engraving laser.
  •     Expanding system capabilities by increasing system power.
  •     Upgrading system software for expanded capabilities and up-to-date manufacturing processes.
  •     Retrofitting automation into current laser processing.
  •     Expanding work envelopes or system size/travel/field size.
  •     Increase system reliability thought the introduction of superior components.

Call today to speak with a systems engineer and see how FLE can help make your repurposing a reality.

30 Watt Fiber Laser Engraver

  • 30 Watt Fiber System
  • Remote Control Cabinet
  • High Speed Scanhead
  • Software

Only $29,950
853 Waterway Place Unit #109
Longwood, FL 32750
P: (407) 830-8885
Fiber Laser Kits

  • 20, 30 & 50 Watt Systems
  • Everything you need to build
        a high quality, high speed, fiber
        laser marking system.

Starting at  $16,950
CO2 Laser Marking Systems
Fiber Laser Marking Systems
Refurbished Laser Marking Systems
Click on photo to see system in action!
Click on photo to see system in action!
Also visit our sister site: www.usedlasermarkingsystems.com for the best deals in
refurbished, demo and slightly used systems!
(Click on text above to view our price & specification sheet.)
(Click on text above to view our price & specification sheet.)
We Engrave Firearms for SBR Trust Accounts
Click on photo to see system in action!